From The Managing Director

Right Click Solutions Tanzania, we pride ourselves on delivering to our clients cost effective and value for money, IT solutions designed to address specific business needs. We also supply IT equipment ranging from hand held computing devices, PCs, Servers, Storage systems, UPSs, Networking equipment to various peripherals.

Further, we offer tailored IT outsourcing services which complement and enhance resources of our clients. We don’t sell our IT support services ‘out of the box’, as our approach to assisting our clients with their challenges is to take a consultative approach from the outset. We always work with clients to understand their challenges; and ultimately our flexible approach provides them with a bespoke solution that is both cost effective and right for their business.

From developing a fully integrated IT infrastructure to streamlining operations and maintaining seamless support, we have offered a wide range of IT managed services to companies in Tanzania. We have worked with clients across various verticals including; financial sector, mining, telecoms as well as government and have helped them focus on what they do better, reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

Abel Balokola

Managing Director
Right Click Solutions Tanzania